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guggenheim online

Beuys’s public discussions—lectures on politics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and social relations that often served as catalysts for other work—exemplify his role as artist, teacher, and activist. One such discussion was held in Vienna on April 4, 1979, at the Galerie Nächst St. Stephan, where Beuys had been invited to speak in the context of a debate surrounding the use of Vienna’s Palais Lichtenstein as a museum for modern art. Earlier that same year, the gallery had given Beuys the opportunity to create an installation entitled Basic Room–Wet Laundry, a manifestation of his provocative contention that the baroque palace was as useful for hanging wet laundry as it was for displaying art. The April 4 discussion grew directly from that project. During the discussion, Beuys referred to a chalk drawing on a blackboard that showed the chemical formula for making soap. Using the soap-making process as a metaphor for social relations and its colloidal character as an analogy for the stages of fetal development, he then spoke of the cyclical nature of feminine cleansing, associating virginity and motherhood with cleanliness and impurity respectively. The lecture also related back to the notion of washing as “the traditional domain of women” presented in Basic Room–Wet Laundry. These themes were further brought to bear upon the machinations and politics of the art world, which the artist viewed with contempt. The installation Virgin, April 4, 1979, is a kind of “representation” of that lecture, and utilized the essential elements that comprised this cycle of works—soap, blackboard, a table and chair, and the single light bulb,

Ðåïèí, Èëüÿ
Ilya Repin in Russian,eh?
well it doesn't make it thru the edit function does it?

carlos el vato and his classic art collection

Russian index (Serebryakova

winston smith

big list of women artists with old links some good


Zinaida Serebryokova

Nicholas Roerich Museum one of the most astonishing finds I ever made

Roerich Nicholas

russian image archive Repin search(akhmatova photo first up!)


great Russian painters. Thanx 2 Max and Veronica for the Repin explanation and more...


Korean art site with quality repro's(kandinsky search)

lucas cranachlucretia (stifled by the crowded room)

Macedonian joke:
Ðåøèë Öèãàíîò äà ¼à åáå Öèãàíêàòà, ïà âåëè:
-Ìèëåâî, äî¼äè âàìó ñàêàì äà òå åáàì è äà òè ñâðøàì âî óâî.
-Íåìî¼ áðå Öèãî, êå îãëóâàì.
-Ìà íåìî¼, à çîøòî â÷åðà íå îíåìå

Russian Art gallery

shining Russia

K.Bogayevsky. Ships.
Irkutsk Museum great art easy navigation

State Museum of Russia slow to load but filled with wonderful Russian Art

Russian Art b4 1917
russian art from the Hermitage (small repro but clear)

Ivan (Hovhannes) Aivazovsky

artstudio (ivan shishkin search)Circle of the Itinerants

art unframedgreat european Russian paintings
George Mitrevski thank you thank you

Russian Venus!!!



amazing Wm. Blake

Balla Giacomo

Alaux Jean Pierre
Alfredson Hawk Duszek

more canadien investigations (emily carr)

Canadien Virtual Museum yes!

Miguel Covarrubias (1904 - 1957)
Una tarde en Xochimilco (An Afternoon in Xochimilco

Vikky Alexander

like finding out it was your birthday when you thought it was just another schoolday

T Finkelpearl Gwengju Knockout punch One-Two

finnish art house architecture of visible search(Ahtila search...)

Maiden Export of Blast Furnace
Kim Sung-keun/KIm Young-joon

African art links


tiepolo!!! in italian!!!

baltic light (from canada) johan dahl

robert kipniss

Phyllis Seltzer

shepard craige

aline feldman at marsha mateyka gallery(oliveira search)
kitty klaidman

Time flies


Carleton, Anne
Chapin, Lucy Grosvenor

.umich art by women

Sir Muirhead Bone

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