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"You simply cannot wear it out!"

Posters Sale on Wednesday 21st November 2001
from a Kenneth Shoesmith search
brought on by a tip from Life in The Present



Medicine Woman, clay pipe and twist tobacco,
calls each blizzard by name and predicts
five o'clock by spitting at her television.
Children lean into her breath to beg a story:

James Welch
Poetry Daily

A Thought, for Example, Is a Form

I was hoping for a betterYou know: who you are.
It doesn't get any more complicated than this,

and yet it does. Not simply daybreak, wake up,
rise and shine, but worse, as in can you throw some light

on the question—you—curled there on the bed?
The point being that you can't see it. The point.

Of light. Where it enters. The top of your head:

Mary Ann Samyn
Verse Daily

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