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The Creation Myth
Jason Rhoades
at David Zwirner

Jockum Nordström

On The Other Side at David Zwirner

Neo Rauch on race relations possibly.
at David Zwirner Gallery


In The Monastery Garden

Love is not longing it is action-
The six novices in the monastery garden know this

and it makes them furious.
They swear between their teeth.

On their knees
in soil wet with last night's rain

to weed the bean rows
with no breakfast this morning but bitter coffee.

In anger the six hiss like a swarm of black bees
while they pull the weeds.

George Keithley at Verse Daily

On our march that day, an Indian went behind us with a whip, with which he frequently lashed the children, to make them keep up. In this manner we traveled till dark, without a mouthful of food or a drop of water, although we had not eaten since the night before. Whenever the little children cried for water, the Indians would make them drink urine, or go thirsty. At night they encamped in the woods, without fire and without shelter, where we were watched with the greatest vigilance. Extremely fatigued, and very hungry, we were compelled to lie upon the ground, without supper or a drop of water to satisfy the cravings of our appetites. As in the daytime, so the little ones were made to drink urine in the night, if they cried for water. Fatigue alone brought us a little sleep for the refreshment of our weary limbs; and at the dawn of day we were again started on our march, in the same order that we had proceeded the day before.
Mary Jemison Captured By Indians,
at Eye Witness 'history through the eyes of those who lived it'


Bill Griffith pledges allegiance

Faye Wong's site really has that Chinese feel

Faye Wong sample downloads


Francis Kilvert, through the wood to the woodman's cottage...

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Q. I read that West Africans who speak the language called Ewe use one word for both "yesterday" and "tomorrow." What does it actually mean?

A. "Not now."


concise no-frills timeline of human make-do



ALL triplets in North Korea are being forcibly removed from parents after their birth and dumped in bleak orphanages.

The policy is carried out on the orders of Stalinist dictator Kim Jong-il, who has an irrational belief that a triplet could one day topple his regime.

The number three is thought to be auspicious in North Korea and triplets are revered. It is believed they are likely to rise to positions of power, which accounts for Kim's insistence that they are all raised in state-run orphanages, where their development can be controlled.

Herald-Sun (AU) 30mar03
{the Jesus story has all the just-born first born sons of that time and place murdered on the orders of Herod, who was reacting to the soothsaying of his soothsayer. in Jerusalem. 2000 years ago.}

It's not that women are exiled from the business, they burn out. How did Laura accomplish so much without losing her grip? "I'm probably one of the few people who has been in the biz as both sexes. When I was a man, I could get without putting much effort into my appearance. As a man, I could do hundreds of sketches without ever being asked to wear a padded bra. As a woman, I need more than a recommendation and a good writing sample. Getting work as a woman requires a lot more maintenance."

Laura Kightlinger- right down the middle
glam shot by dan dion

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