these are the timesdirty beloved


Sandy Skoglund has it all

Joseph fucking Stella fucking Battle of Lights fucking
Coney Island fucking Mardi Gras!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Forbes @ Penlee Gallery


dungeons and dragons biker art(but good)

cellar image of the day where the prunester bulldrawntruck
came from

artcommotion edge of now art magazine(Lari Pittman)

LA BIGBIG list of galleries and museums

Gladstone Gallery (Neshat)


photo minnesota


compare w/Peter Herzog

LA cool art

303 gallery

inova (wilson twins)


brothers quay//don't forget the image

Bacon Site

tamara de lempicka

gagosian index(I think)

freak with similar tho far more limited
and narrowly prurient taste


gagosian Brown


anonymous@nat'l gallery

22 houses and a church

and now we know more about joseph beuys

she did this in 82! while I was whining on the gold mine porch
agnes denes

space art at (see below)
abo spaceart

artsednet HUGE list of artists

william merritt chase

lisette model

GREAT artcyclopedia index of women artists
including Elizabeth Vigee-Lebrun

crane collection artnet index (lily harmon)

bad repro good italian art

favretto via ixquick

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