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Getty real life

La Mostra la musica pintura

yan wen liang overt implication


FOR Gerrit van Honthorst

Jacobus Vrel at the Getty interesting non-swinish clearinghouse/centrex for music stuff
off a John Anderson search




mylene farmer?

Hamlet Gonashvili and other Georgian folk musics


Jrock pitas w/ some downloads

Yuming again

J-pop big link list
from a The Brilliant Green search

faye wong's album 'Love Stranger Only'
and some older things
and some other things
and some links

superfunky Malagasy music roundup
not so funky Malagasy music roundup


Bukka White @Andromeda

Bill Tsukuda

way old Van Morrison links


Ian Christy from a link @ Sonny Liew's truly Amazing Squash Rental Agency —itself in turn from a link @ the always mind-expanding DrMenlo. Sonny Liew leading also to La Luz de Jesus Gallery and somehow back around to Mark Ryden and thence to Sympathy for The Record Industry. Ryden's links leading to e White leading to Joe Sorren leading to Joel Nakamura {all these links are knockout art sites, Joe Sorren's Look Homeward, Aphid, it just seems portentous pompous and pretentious to keep scrambling for superlatives, plus it gets in the way of the appreciation. the whole time I was doing this packed-full paragraph I was listening to the supremely commanding Charlie Musselwhite at Blues MP3's thru Andromeda. now it's Elvin Bishop and Charlie Musselwhite.}

theda bara@bombshells

this picture is of where this boy was doing what he did

astonishing photo of the Great Chicago Fire aftermath, October 1871

Wreck on the Illinois Central R.R. near Farmer City, Ill., Oct. 6, '09

Domestic Science and the Orphans Home

Rock Island lines converge '07

Cook County poor farm 1910

figures on the right in amongst the trees

Beautiful Alpheus Creek


Hawai'i after the fall

Lincoln's death mask at Rochester University's well-designed art collection online


girl on the roof

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