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j barger (robotwisdom) thinks these fashions by Stella McCartney are "ghastly"

this space does not agree.


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Welcome to The Palace. These pages are maintained for proper fans of Hollywood’s Golden era, and the great Classic Films. The Palace has been in existence since 1995, and is one of the most frequented places of its kind on the Web.

{Stunning movie site, with audio clips and a LOT of pics}

German tobacco cards
{evidently some kind of collectible phenomenon in the 20's and 30's. from a way huge online site full of many wondrous oddments.}

cowboys and cowgirls

this is the sexiest picture I've seen in a long time


Roman geode cameo

For example, based purely on factor analysis, Lomax has shown statistical significance for how the traditional music of Georgian Russia is similar to (and may be a descendent from) that of Central Africa, and how the music of Patagonia is similar to that of the Inuit . And how dances with strong lateral knee movement correlate with cultures with a tradition of pottery (and potter's wheels), and how dances with narrow heel-to-toe movements correlate with societies whose main crop is planted in narrow rows (like rice). And how songstyles with large amounts of rasp in the male voice correlates with societies who raise boys to be independent rather than team players. And ones with a high degree of tonal blend (sounding as one) correlates with societies where women account for most of the food production. The list goes on. It's strong, romantic, arguable stuff.


There were three Warren Zevon covers, including "Mutineer," one of the most deeply emotional moments I've ever experienced at a Dylan concert. Dylan sang with his full range (of voice as well as feeling), demonstrating that the shredded croak of "Time Out of Mind" is no closer to his "real" voice than was the milky croon of "Nashville Skyline." (I have heard a demo of "Everything Is Broken" on which he sounds like the Dylan of 1966.)

When Dylan finally stepped away from the piano and strapped on an electric guitar, it was to give us a "Brown Sugar" that rocked, if anything, harder than the Stones.

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