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Sara Marielle attends the college and reindeer herding school of Kautokeino. She origins from a family where the yoik is central in everyday life and is practiced at several occasions.

Tristra Newyear Commissar Vanishing at MP3 and at home

Koryaga has one string (4th guitar string) fixed on a curved branch of a tree. The sound is made by violin bow or plucked, and the notes are changed with the use of a wire bent over the branches' ends. Yuri's instrument can howl like a wolf or cry like a baby, adding drama to the traditional Buryat plot

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You can't judge an apple by lookin' at the tree
You can't judge honey by lookin' at the bee
You can't judge a daughter by lookin' at the mother
You can't judge a book by lookin' at the cover
Bo Diddley

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