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this piece of ancient jade can be found at #61 here


Miwa Yanagi most especially 'minami'

and her famous elevator girls

Nudity, sexuality, prostitution, rape…. These are key themes in the work of Indonesian visual and performance artist Arahmaiani-not issues nice Muslim women are supposed to discuss in public.

Arahmaiani—whose name combines the Muslim word for "loving" with the Hindu word for "human"—has achieved international recognition as Indonesia's most accomplished, and certainly most openly feminist, performance artist. As a child in a religiously observant Muslim household in Jakarta, she wanted to be a prophet, like Muhammad, "but as a woman this was impossible," Arahmaiani recalls.


Some Indonesian artists joined in the student protests. Through installations in exhibitions and performances, these artists expressed their criticism of the Soeharto regime. Indonesian 'protest art' has had some precedents: first during the colonial period, when Indonesian painters supported the struggle for Independence (1945-1950). The second was at the beginning of the 1970s when the 'New Indonesian Art Movement' (Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru) was founded. This movement supported the student protests against the government which took place in that same decade. Some members, like one of the founders, Harsono, are still active.
The last part of the exhibition shows works by artists who are political activists as well. Arahmaiani (1961) and Harsono (1949) participated in the student demonstrations and observed the riots that took place in May 1998. The chaotic situation in which plundering, arson, murder, and rape were the order of the day inspired Arahmaiani to make a series of charcoal drawings with the title Tropical Elegy. Dark silhouettes watch passively while their house is burns. A woman is threatened with a knife. In New Order Wayang, dead bodies are impaled on a bamboo stake. The tree of life, used to signal the beginning and the end of a Wayang performance, has been placed in the middle. Above the tree, a seated figure with a necktie is in power. A tank is aiming its guns at the performance.
The agression and violence used by the army and the police during May 1998 have been portrayed by Harsono in his series Republik Indochaos. Based on the enlarged form of a hundred rupiah postage stamp, these etchings are a documentation of 13 and 14 May 1998. Combining photographs, texts, and etching Harsono demonstrates a harsh reality: burning bodies, the army shooting, and the police with clubs beating up demonstrators. A portrait of Soeharto bears a diagonal stamp with the text 'expired'.

Universes in Universe
Information and communication system on the visual arts of Africa, the Americas, Asia/Pacific.
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and Kokuta Suda with his masterful line
and Ikko Tanaka with his warrior elegance

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once again Sabreen

nice rug

Guillermo Creus

eyeballing series
loads of bird's eye views

Zhang Xin
Action in Tibet 1996
Size: 4 x 4 meters
Action time: 1996 8 30 - 1996 9 3
Place : Tibet (Qin Zang RD)
Way: Putting Tibet earth which it was ruin by construction site onto Qin Zang Rd

eyeballing the Statue of Liberty

the extended virtuous words
It is said "Reading 'the extended' makes one articulate".
Red wall - Don't drink the future wine

Surely Harriet owes her name to the titular spy of Louise Fitzhugh's classic children's novel. She's in the literary tradition of fierce, impossible, tomboyish girl children: bossy to her peers, frank to adults and possessed of an uncompromising dignity that frequently brings her grief. "It's awful being a child," her most astute great-aunt commiserates, "at the mercy of other people," and that's especially true for this child. Twelve years after her brother's death, Harriet's sister Allison is sweet, pretty and dreamy in the wilting mode of Southern femininity, but Harriet is no Scarlett O'Hara: "She argued with Edie and checked out library books on Genghis Khan and gave her mother headaches." She is the sort of child who, when asked by a Bible class teacher to write down her summer goals, hands in a piece of paper with a single black dot on it -- that's how the pirates in "Treasure Island" informed a man they intended to kill him. In short, she is an irresistible character, and the engine that drives the book.


{and then right next after that.....interstingly enough from wood's lot again....}

Under the threat of legal action by the New York Times, a poet has suppressed five* pieces he posted online.

Brian Kim Stefans had created five pieces that offered a kind of performative duet involving establishment media (the Times) and situationist rhetoric (Raoul Vaneigem). In his blog entry of Oct. 29, Stefans explained he'd been given a cease and desist order by the Times and 10 days to comply with it.
He has complied, replacing his work with an Mickey Mouse image and brief note. For a sense of what he does, here's a sample of his work that might suggest certain of its parodic qualities.

{lawyer for NYTimes speaks softly now}
The editors at the Times appreciate a good parody and would not take action against it. However, the subject matter of this particular page appears to be more serious in nature. Therefore, even though we are sure that your intent was non-malicious, we must inform you that your use of the Times's name, logos and home page design and layout constitutes trademark and copyright infringement.
While we respect your efforts to make a statement, we must ask that you do so in a manner that does not violate our proprietary rights, or the rights of our advertisers. Please remove the page from public display and confirm to us in writing within the next ten days that you will not use our home page in the future in this same way.

{selfsame situationist/parodist poeticizes thus}

Sometimes it is just
the hands hanging from twin flagpoles
emanating from my breasts. I could shine them,
wax them, spit on them, but they
don’t write,
just hold out for the rest of the day
until I couldn’t brag of them any
longer – usually by mid-afternoon, say 3 pm.
I’d drink more coffee then, check my emails,
play some on-line Yahoo! games, like backgammon.
My flagpoles not buckling in the wind.

My flags empty of wind.
My hands dangling there like flags.

{same dude. brian kim stefans doe this magic lanternity. and gets my vote for national treasure.

John Sexton Places of Power
You may not sell, publish, license or otherwise distribute any of these photographs without the written permission of the photographer.!!!!!!!!! !
{makes you wonder where microsoft gets all that gimme-gimme energy doesn't it?}

clarina Bezzola @cynthia broan gallery

Richard Fariña

His work attracted the attention of Billy DeBeck, creator of the newspaper strip 'Barney Google', in 1933. Fred Lasswell became his assistant, and took over the famous strip after DeBeck's death in 1942. During World War II, Fred Lasswell served as a flight radio operator and created the strip 'Sgt. Hashmark'. Apart from working in comics, he was an inventor, coming up with a successful citrus fruit harvester, a technique to enable the blind to read comics, a bilingual laser disc and a hypercard stack for computers. He also produced a series of videos for children, called 'Draw and Color with Uncle Fred'.

Eventually. Why not now?

famous obscene French pictures

winter in New York 1826

Scott MacNelly lives!

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