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The teleborg and the telerobot Ornitorrinco

Artur Zmijewski's 39-minute film Repetition (2005) is a complex and riveting documentary of his reenactment of the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment. In place of college students, Zmijewski hired unemployed Polish men to enact the roles of prisoners and guards in a simulated prison environment.

Filmed with hidden cameras, their behavior quickly progresses from play acting to acts of seemingly genuine frustration and anger. Confrontations between prisoners and guards escalate ominously, but just when it seems that Zmijewski's experiment will replicate the traumatic results of the original...
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Diviners of the Shang dynasty (16th-10th centuries B.C.) produced oracles by reading cracks on ox bones. Such bones bear the earliest writing known in China. The pit marks were produced by a hot poker.

Grizzly-bear dancer
Edward S. Curtis

A Bear, Walking
Leonardo Da Vinci

St Colomba Saved by a Bear
unknown Italian Master

Coronation Scene
Sebastiano Conca

The Callisto Saga: Genesis of the Constellation Ursa Major
Zimmerman ? (1768)

Satire on the Conquest of the Pfalz 1621

Christian Militant
Spottblatt (Satirical Sheet) 1551

Duhk-gits-o-รณ-see, Red Bear
George Catlin

Fall in the Foothills
W. Herbert Dunton

Ours dans l'encadrement
Guillaume de Machaut
Bestiaire BnF

Skins of animals killed on Snow River, Alaska 1906
Emswyler and Dupont Bill

Carnaval de Nice - carte postale 1910

Mrs. Herbert Hoover stops
to feed a black bear some ice cream
Seward, Alaska 1923

Jazz for the bears

visit of the Soviet Circus artists
Republic of Czechoslovakia May 1960

Girl with Teddy Bear, detail
Bessie Wessel

Bab and Teddy Bears 1907
R. Y. Barrows

Grizzly Madonna
James E. Allen

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