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Bill Barminski

They Were Not
Alyson Souza

Robert Berman Gallery


The American Skin

Something about how dirty it was. How forgotten everyone seemed.

Tyler Ondine

the art of david ho

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Opera No.2
Simonetta Martini


Ω{Typepad is selling itself for $60 a year; and it seems to have been born afflicted with that highly contagious albinism that's hit so many of the elect lately.
In my lonesome search for identity and community, I must confess, I surrendered a time or two to dreams of acceptance and the right to wear the light-skinned badge of the chosen.
Not that now I think there's anything intrinsically wrong with lots of white space and light green highlights.
I do, though, think it's long past time for the truly democratic potential of the online world to be defended, and the people walking away from the front lines of that defense as fast as they can should not be allowed to do so with impunity.
In this context technical sophistication is like intellectual prowess, and both in turn are like great wealth, an equivalent responsibility attends their reward.}

Milk and Honey

Dan Bellm/Poetry Daily 09. .03

Wednesday, May 14 1:31 a.m.
Two turgid grease drums leaked distilled bodily roilings of food animals into the alley behind a Plaza hotel. To that slickened scenario, add a doddering drunk name of John Doe whose wallet had been retained by a nearby bartender. The grease and drunk were absorbed by separate forces
Arcata Police Log/Arcata Eye 06.09.03


Rose Macaulay
As a young woman novelist living near Grantchester, Macaulay got to know her father's pupil, Rupert Brooke. She published a novel in 1911 in which a tortured young man remembers a childhood sanctuary in the country as a place of bees and honey. "And will there be honey for tea?" he asks. A year later, Brooke wrote "The Sentimental Exile", his first version of "The Old Vicarage, Grantchester", with his most famous line: "And is there honey still for tea?" LeFanu suggests that Brooke stole this from Macaulay; if so, it would be typical of the way her writing, and her story, have been overshadowed by her more famous contemporaries.
—review of Rose Macaulay a biography by Sarah LeFanu
Hermione Lee/Guardian UK 06.14.03

Suicide on the wire
Helga Weissova-Hoskova
death camp art
crimes and punishment (fifth panel)
Apocatastasis (age filter 18 or older)


Harold & Dorothy

Allesandra Sanguinetti
Page 4, Càida Libre: Imagen de Argentina
The Salt Mine an online magazine about photography

Attempts were also being made to get Mano released on bail, he said.
Times of India 09.06.03

cultural dissonance heads-up from
Agenda Bender

the end is far from near

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