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...the qualification of a voter is, having enjoyed a woman in the open air within that district: the candidates are commonly fellows of low humour, who dress themselves up in a ridiculous manner. As this brings a prodigious concourse of people to Wandsworth, the publicans of that place jointly contribute to the expence, which is sometimes considerable.
garret election
Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue


If I had to choose one photograph, out of the thousands I've seen at the Library of Congress, that made the toil worthwhile, this would be it.

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Got the captions for the photochromatics at db annex done, as a way-gone into remiss and belated response to the nice comments and general good will there from - last year! - bibliodyssey and goddelijke gladiolen and of course as always boynton and barista and carolina vigna-maru and improprieties and all the other as yet unknown but not unfound, and all.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Brooks of Pittsfield, Maine, and their twelve daughters posed around stove in kitchen

Paul Kolenda inspecting his ten sons in front of the Detroit offices of their company, a home sanitation systems business

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