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Happy Girls Are Pretty Day!

Our country is misgoverned largely because of the media.
You can't blame it all on the politicians.

" the age of twenty-two, Alan was installed by his father as Acting Curator of Folk Songs for the Library of Congress. Alan Lomax is the person who I think should be given major credit for what has been called the "Folk Song Revival." My father participated with him because my father was a musicologist and urged trained musicians to learn about "the vernacular." If you lived in the city, the vernacular was jazz. If you lived in the country, it was country music. If you were an ethnic group, be it Spanish or Jewish, it was the music of your personal background, the musical equivalent of the language you spoke. My father urged Alan not to repeat the mistakes of the European folklorists who, a century ago, had collected these peasant songs and then arranged them for part choir and accompanied them on piano, and then told the young people of their country, "Don't change a note, this is our sacred heritage." Father said, whether it's a fiddle tune or a gospel song, learn it right off the record from the people who grew up with it. Don't just learn it from a piece of paper.
My mother wanted me to learn how to read music. She'd given fiddles to my two older brothers, but they'd rebelled. I came along and my father said, "Oh, let Peter enjoy himself." What she did was leave musical instruments all around the house."
Happy Birthday Pete Seeger

Stewart Home's Blow Job

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Nice riff along the lines of the wonderful thesaurus plumb design gave the world some years back



...when one breath
crossed into another body in a kiss, even
in a dream. What left us, we magnified
to keep ourselves aware...

Kathleen Peirce
Verse Daily

twophoto Hector Mata/AFP


L. A. Freeway Kids
Artist/Designer - Glenna Boltuch. Assistants: Jesse Avila, Alan Boltuch, Jan Cook, Margaret Garcia, Mary Suarez, Eloy Torrez, John Valdez

In recent months a number of top murals ringing the downtown L.A. freeway system have been tagged repeatedly. While some are protected under the Mural Rescue Program (MRP), not all of these have been protected with sacrificial coating. Three MRP murals in the area, Frank Romero's "Going to the Olympics," Glenna Boltuch Avila's "L.A. Freeway Kids," and John Wehrle's "Galileo, Jupiter, Apollo" have no sacrificial coating. Each poses special conservation problems that MCLA is currently evaluating as plans are made for restoration.
Pedro Pelayo

2731-37 Lancaster Ave. (near Murchison)
The back of the head of a Spanish conquistador, an Indian woman facing him, and a crowd of people between them.
artist unknown

2700 Lancaster Ave. (at Murchison)
Native American families on either side of the apartment's front door. A human embryo floats over a boiling pot above the doorway.
Ian White
Genocidal Tendencies

2526 West Jefferson Blvd. (mural on 6th Ave.)
Jefferson Park

or, go to Mural Indexes by Neighborhood

Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

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A man in a cemetery laid a rubber chicken in front of a tombstone. That shook up observers. They thought it mockery. But in the grave was a comedian whose preferred stage prop had been that particular rubber chicken, and to those who knew it, the scene was touching. Psychologists cite the incident to show how curious situations can make the good things we do look bad.

LMBoyd May.13.04


May is the birthday month of Pete Seeger, Link Wray, Dick
Dale, Robert Johnson, Jesse Winchester, Pete Townshend, Bob
Dylan, T-Bone Walker, and John Fogerty, among others...

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Walking on Tiptoe burdened with responsibility,
all of the disciplinary actions
that have fallen to us, the punishments,
the killings, and all with our feet
bound stiff in the skins of the conquered.
But sometimes...

Ted Kooser
Verse Daily

The Long Meadow

...This is the final illusion,
the one to which all the others lead.
He has to pierce through it himself, without divine assistance.
He will take a long time about it,
with only his dog to keep him company,
the mongrel dog, celebrated down the millennia,
who has waded with him,
shivered and burned with him,
and never abandoned him to his loneliness...

Vijay Seshadri
Poetry Daily

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