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Here Natalie embraced new causes, preservation of Taxco's ancient architecture; promoting another intellectual / artistic / literary colony; opening her "Kitagawa House" for lodging creative people; her social and anthropological work among the Indians of Mexico, disappearing for months at a time on horseback into the Mexican wilderness, gaining enormous expertise on native folkways and Mexican history

Restringing the Armdroid
Edward Ihnatowicz, including his most famous work The Senster

Alex Zivanovic


Joseph Duemer's edible blow against the empire



'Ik reis in jouw hoofd' - I travel in your head - visual correspondent in Morocco is a project by visual artist Aline Thomassen and the Artoteek The Hague with sound compositions by the musician Lazaro Tejedor, in collaboration with Museum Het Domein, Sittard and GEM, The Hague.
For three months Aline Thomassen will work in Tangier and the surrounding province as visual correspondent.
In a journal of drawings she will share her daily experiences with the audience in The Netherlands via the internet. Lazaro Tejedor completes the picture of the day with current sound fragments from Morocco.

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What the Hubble Saw
Judy Ross

Founder's day

The Pacific is wide and deep
and Adams was wide and deep,
was fat and obstinate
and wrote tender letters to his wife.
Not the letters but the words
were tender, not the words
but their meaning, which was always
that he missed her, always that he wanted
nothing more than home in her arms. So I
have made him travel again...

Bob Hicok
Verse Daily

Crop Circle at East Field, nr Alton Barnes

Top Of The Crops 2004
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"Taking a rickshaw ride with a huge bunch of flowers through the streets of Shenzhen surrounded by golden skyscrapers at 6am was a pretty good way to finish off the night of our first gig for over a year."


The word 'walnut' originates from wahlnut, an Old English word for 'Welsh-nut'.
For those few people who are sensitive to walnuts, parboiling before toasting prevents this reaction. Drop kernels into rapidly boiling water. Boil for 3 minutes; drain well; toast in oven as directed above.


Grazia Deledda: Voice of Sardinia

Grazia Deledda was to live for another ten years after receiving the Nobel Prize, years marked by a painful and slowly spreading breast cancer—the incurable malady of her protagonist Maria Concezione in the fine novel La chiesa della solitudine (The Church of Solitude). The novel was her last, published in the year of her death. Deledda died on August 15, 1936.

Despite her disease, Deledda kept to her schedule, beginning the day with a late breakfast, hours of reading, rest after lunch, and then writing for two or three hours in the afternoon, seven days a week, year after year. She produced four handwritten pages each day. Her writing was her life. She was a quiet and reserved woman, who did not speak much. She enjoyed friendly, intimate talk and traditional feasts and celebrations, but not political debates, serious discussions, parties, or society. Yet, in her quiet way, she was gathering the material for her books, listening and observing intently, just as she had done since her childhood. The outcome was over thirty novels and some four hundred short stories, most of them collected in nineteen books. She also wrote many articles, some plays, an opera libretto, and poems.
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Het geheim van Toermalijn
(Secret of Tourmaline)

Under a bell

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