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The Irish language in America is a lost, living tongue, hidden beneath quirky (corr-chaoĆ­, odd-mannered, odd-shaped) phonetic orthographic overcoats and mangled American pronunciations. Irish words and phrases are scattered all across American language, regional and class dialects, colloquialism, slang, and specialized jargons like gambling, in the same way Irish-Americans have been scattered across the crossroads of North America for five hundred years.
How the Irish Invented American Gambling Slang
Daniel Cassidy

a wealth of linguistic gold
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Jazz is Irish - possibly
hoodoo is Irish definitely


One does what one can.
Working with what one has to hand
and what one does not
Never knowing what the day will bring

Driving boy (detail)

Tending the chicks (detail)

Snedeger - West Virginia Weselyan, 1919
Caesar Gang demonstrating how to cull chickens - 4 H Fair, Charleston, W. Va. Oct. 13, 1921

A 4 H family bringing in their exhibits to the annual 4 H Fair
Charleston, W. Va Oct. 9, 1921 (detail)

A typical farm home and family near Wilde, Kentucky August 15, 1916 (detail)

Children and Tobacco

Gradie Walton, 17 yrs. old - is very deficient in most school branches (except in mathematics where he shines). He is much handicapped physically- lost one eye in an accident and the other is weak. This year he raised 135 bushels of corn on one acre (his father raised about one half as much and complained that the boy's land was better). The secret was that the boy worked hard on the plot - fertilizing and cultivating, even bringing soil in from the woods. He got the First Prize for two years.
Location: Pocahontas County, West Virginia
October 6, 1921
Photo by Lewis W. Hine/loc

Alice Auma has died


The Lord God Returns

...a sound now being revived by a group called Adjagas, itself a Sami word that denotes the mental state between sleeping and waking

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