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In this ideogram used on clothes in Ghana we see one of the most common ideograms representing the Eastern star, the planet Venus, , the Morning star, and indirectly a new start to the day, combined with the sign , representing a rotation or an independent movement. It means Sesa woruban: I change or transform my life, or life transformation.

The above entry sign structure, but vertically placed and filled, , sometimes appears as a military sign for sentinel, and as it can stand for a private soldier.
When drawn with a very small, filled circle (i.e. a point), , it can in certain biological contexts stand for an aborted fetus of unknown sex.


that square is erect by golly, and that angle's right too. see the tip of it just sticking up above his fingers?

The Color of God

Orange is a color between red and yellow. The orange fruit
is unique in its color and is the best example of this color.
The setting sun can appear orange as it approaches the horizon
and may also turn bright red before dropping below it. These
same color changes in the sun appear during sunrise as well. The
shift in colors of the sun is largely due to atmospheric
conditions, airborne microscopic dust particles, and light
refraction from moisture in the air.
{spectrum explication. colors described in a systematic and poetic fashion by a formerly sighted now blind writer. including hues beyond the tertiary like lavender saffron and pigeon gray.}


Hidden Knowledge books, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro featured therein

24 photographs from a Turkish village in 1949, and a funeral in 1984



"I am a travelling creature
trav'ling through this land
today, I am a warning
to woman, and to man..."

"Snowflake" Bentley
The Nocturnal Sleigh of Leon Gabor is one of Jim Woodring's more understated works, Mr. Woodring himself is an unusual person

wondrous technology of beautiful things by Katinka Matson


Jubilant Newborn Alien Haze
Julia Brown



Robert Altman (homonym) rock and roll photos


(hereafter referred to simply as Lester) was born in 1948 and raised a Jehovah's Witness in California. At the age of eight he was already a voracious reader and had started becoming a writer. His early years were difficult. His father was a binge drinker and an ex-convict who died in a fire of his own making when Lester was a boy. He was an outcast at school. He allowed himself to be sexually abused by a middle-aged man in exchange for comic books. At approximately the age of 11 his interests turned to jazz and away from his religious upbringing.He became interested in the beat writers, and then as a teenager he fell for rock and roll. In high school he skipped gym class for a week and was assigned a 10-page paper for every day he missed; he turned in a 50-page story called "Hector the Homosexual Monkey," which led to his lifetime ban from gym class. He tried college but didn't like it, especially since his roommates played Cream all day long but wouldn't listen to his Velvet Underground records - Lester later wrote that this rejection was what gave him an affection for distortion and other less popular sounds.

Peter Gorman on the immortal Lester Bangs

In any case it was Them's first solid national hit on this side of the pond, shooting straight up the charts and nudging into the number two spot only because the new Beatles single came out at the same time. And despite being a superhit, it's a totally bizarre song as the lyrics attest. The way Van barks "Wow, here it comes!" is enough to keep you awake nights, and the structure is unusual, changing from a vaguely Latinish balladic lament (the Bert Berns touch, again; the man never quite got the hot sauce out of his ears after his "Twist & Shout" conquered the world and though Van didn't suffer bv it, it did make some of his music predictable) into a sort of weirdo hillbilly roundelay, which is where the gawky lyrics quoted came in. There's no doubt that is was much a rock 'n' roll classic in its way as "Gloria", if destined by its form never to become such a standard, and even ends with the protaginist playing voyeur outside the window where the objects of his jealousy carry on in every unmentionable way his fertile pube brain can dream up.

{Lester Bangs the immortal scribe in a long liner note paen to the genius of Van Morrison's early work}

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