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Zhang Lin Hai
Schoeni Art Gallery
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Straight Life The Movie
hand-made movie by Art Pepper's wife Laurie

The Willard Suitcase Exhibit Online


"...lamps, clothing, a bone-china teacup and saucer, hundreds of photos, her nursing diploma, citizenship papers and a pair of ice skates. Suffering from TB herself, and stressed over a series of illnesses and deaths among her loved ones, she was brought to Willard in 1941 without ever having seen a psychiatrist on the basis of complaints that she 'annoys people' and felt persecuted. On her way to the ward Margaret, 48, said she felt 'like a fly in a spider web.' She died there 32 years later."
Tales from the attic at the Willard Psychiatric Center in Romulus, N.Y. in the NYT

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