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Cheyenne woman named Woxie Haury

in ceremonial dress, and, in wedding portrait with husband

Univ. Wash. American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Digital Collection
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Steve Wynn, the Las Vegas tycoon who is rapidly going blind, spent over $45 million in under 24 hours at the main Impressionist and Modern art auctions here, snaffling the top lots in both Christie’s and Sotheby’s sales on 6 and 7 May.
He started his spree at Sotheby’s with Renoir’s sun-dappled, rose-garlanded “Dans les roses,” 1882, a portrait of a pretty Parisienne in her garden, which her husband had rejected as being “too daring”.

Mr Wynn paid $17. 3 million (£10.78 million) for the {other} work {[a self portrait by Cézanne}, and at the end of the sale announced that both works had been bought for his art collection in Las Vegas. They will be displayed at his new casino, Le Rêve. It is rumoured that this is named after Picasso’s painting of the same name, which he is thought to have bought privately from the German collector Wolfgang Flottl. The price, say the same sources, was around $60 million.

Georgina Adam The Art Newspaper

Dublog catches the fleeting moment{and the permalink won't, it's the Venice/Picasso mother's day thing}
and in return this space would like to send him this image


Alexei Jawlensky

Mystical Head: Galka
at Norton Simon Museum

Portrait of Katharina Bozzaris, daughter of Marco Bozzaris

Joseph Stieler

at Brian Yoder's

Emperor Norton

San Francisco History Index
at the somewhat eccentric

...No trace of you, though, or your pink
nurslings; our fierce thirsts drove you
back out into fields whose hungers
you'd already fled, where if you became
some fox or coyote's scrap of protein...

W. D. Snodgrass
Poetry Daily May 14 2003

badger and dude in badger costume clash; badger wins battle, loses war.

Bob Zippy May 14

Scott Saw

Outside There's a War


an illustrated companion to John Berger's 'Ways of Seeing'

by george dillon
University of Washington, way back in '98

{something I wish I'd had when I read it the first time}

"Like many people, I have no religion, and I am just sitting in a small boat drifting with the tide. I live in the doubts of my duty.... I think there is dignity in this, just to go on working.... Today we stand naked, defenseless, and more alone than at any time in history. We are waiting for something, perhaps another miracle, perhaps the Martians. Who knows?"
Federico Fellini (1920-1993), Italian movie director, quoted by Martin E. Marty in Varieties of Unbelief

Quotation cited in Round Earth Society(Brazil)


Mother Jones

{take the three other figures in this photograph and change their clothing and hairstyles to contemporary models, you'd hardly notice the difference. they translate, you can see them in Time, in Newsweek. not her. where's her modern counterpart? where are our elder women?}

Alastair McNaughton

Mother and Child, Himba, Namibia

Edward Steichen Mother and Child-sunlight

Frederic Leighton Mother and Child

Frank Dicksee The Mother

Arab mother and child at LAPL
Jewish mother and child at LAPL

Elin Danielson-Gambogi, Mother

Helene Schjerfbeck, Mother and Child

John William Waterhouse Danae

Alexandra Frosterus-Saltin Mother with Her Sleeping Child

Chilean Mother and Child

Samoan Mother and Child

Japanese Mother and Child

Inuit Mother and Children

Akseli Gallen-Kallela

Lemminkainen's Mother

Marcus Leatherdale
Adivasi Tribals

whirling on ice you couldn't
stop on, I wondered how much you knew
in those seconds when no maneuvering
could save you, and whether the wide-eyed look
you'd turned towards me was on your face then:

Joan Aleshire
Wide-Eyed Look
Poetry Daily May 11 2003

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