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do a Nancy Graves search quick

Jesse wilcox smith
from nesbitt from Pitt

Pitt connect Pyle Rackam Shepherd and.......
Pitt Internet connect
that came from here

back door Delaware

like the man said,an AMAZING Howard Pyle full text and illustration fairy tale book online
written with his wife,yes?
The Wonder Clock

Duke has stuff too

Howard Pyle at .......Delaware(john sloan search

dorothy we're not in venezuela anymore

bunch of cool photo links from smithsonian

Robert Bechtle's Rambler


the hermit of Russian Hill
(this site is amazing!!!!)

great and amazing inside the archives california/sf history

Japanese relocation from Salinas
Sunsite history archive

ditto may have it

hampshire college image online linkage

Herbert Johnson?

Education waiting to be taken up

john sloan and others in blackandwhite

important reference page

artsforge Wreck of the Hope etc.


George Frederick Watts

Irving Ramsey Wiles

Jules Olitski


Natalia Goncharova

Mona K. Lalim

artaround amazing responsible forward moving scandinaavian art site gallery links and.....

cool as yet unexplored site Natalia Goncharova search Marlene Dumas find

Risa Sato Risa Sato

The Life Foundation swedish contemporary artist list (annee olofsson search

beth herzaft
holly wilder
joe santarromona
john bache

terrestrial being Rachel Mason


fred green carpenter winter landscape st louis

deleon white gallery Great big!!!! small index of artists much art

cyborg manifesto (alan rath amy myer tony oursler....

Alan Rath on sculptural soul infusion:
MT: The pieces are very playful, but they're also meticulously hand crafted.
You custom design all your circuits and hand solder the connections.
Why go to that trouble?

AR: Often there's not a single optimal solution, so things like the
selection of an electronic part are open to interpretation. I'm picking
components based on what they look like. To me, transformers can
be attractive or ugly. The pieces are made in a certain meditative state.
A lot of emotion goes into the building, and I hope they somehow contain
that. You know, the Mars lander is a beautiful piece of sculpture. The people
who built it identified with it, so it has a lot of soul. I want power from art at
that level of commitment and mastery. screensavers (holzer finley and more

Jacques Abelman's architectural push
and a well-reasoned rap on same

Houston Contemporary Art museum

Oscar Bluemner's Dance of Factory Life

Jason Rhoades
Katy Schimert
and Katy S again
Marcel Dzama
Jockum Nordstrom

david zwirner exhibition archive (the best or one of the quite closest,galleria)

welsh museum links

limited edition graphics good and fine artist index

Ceri Richards

Scandikunst museum index

norwegian kunstweb in norwegian(backer search)
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james lahey can draw waves and clouds like the genius he is
but when it comes to the human course of evolution......


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