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Florette 1945
Jacques-Henri Lartigue

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Ziboy 2004.7.1

Photoplastique, 1926
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

Indiennes Micmac (Terre-Neuve) sur le pont de L'Ardent 1857
Paul-Emile Miot
Portraits du XIXe

Expositions Virtuelles
Bibliothèque nationale de France



...and the moon smaller by half; at the end of the day, another day.
This is not the heaven we counted on, still so knotted to the blue world...

Gregory Mahrer
Poetry Daily

Remember II
Suzana Fantanariu

diff'rent strokes


Starry Messenger
Peter Sís

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Piky Basket is Free!


Darwin Enters the City of His Birth

...dreaming the factory of their endless forming,
helpless and protean. Each carpet and corner
of his house agreed...

Melanie Dusseau
Verse Daily

"I am also sick of other online blatherers who describe themselves as "aspiring writers." Not to get too Yoda-like, but either write or don't. There is no aspire. I think the only way you get to call yourself an "aspiring writer" is if you don't have any hands and your voice-recognition software or head-mounted laser-pointer virtual keyboard thingy has not yet arrived via FedEx."

mimi smartypants can lead my pigeons, to the flag
anytime, day or night


...I pray out loud to the Lawgiver, Nation-smasher,
Deliverer, Kingdom-maker, the Old Pharaoh-thrasher himself
and do not feel ridiculous. Out loud.

Michael Chitwood
Poetry Daily


Bildnis einer alten Bauersfrau
Angilbert Göbel

Bildarchiv der Kunst und Architektur

cogent, perspicacious, fun, art criticism
from Michael Helsem who also does this

Nice skies:

Tula Telfair
forum gallery

Ivan Shishkin
Olga's Gallery
National Gallery London

Photographs from The Western Horizon
Macduff Everton
Kathleen Ewing Gallery

New Moon
David Fokos
Paul Kopeikin Gallery

Yosemite National Park, CA.
David Graham
Paul Kopeikin Gallery
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Walking Aleppo
carte blanche pedicure
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Die Kinder von Kaiser Friedrich III, und seiner Gemahlin Victoria

Sodom and Gomorra 1817 detail
Hans Sachs


American Rubber Band III
Yim Ja-Hyuk
6595 Miles (10614KM)
Cranbrook Art Museum

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the butcher rolls it forward, laid out across
a low dolly: a button buck, tiny spikes,
red eyes clouded over — stiff like a toy horse
knocked on its side. Hunters freeze their kill,
bring it to Junior to make "roasts, chops —
hamburger, mostly," Junior says...

Daisy Fried
Poetry Daily

More light from long ago down under

Biddy (detail) 03274

A picnic at one of the waterholes on "Fernlees"
The governess Miss Coleman in foreground (detail) 03618

At Work and Play - images of rural life in NSW 1880-1940
State Library of New South Wales

A heap of rats, about 600 (detail)

There was an outbreak of bubonic plague in Sydney in 1900.

Taken During Cleansing Operations
Quarantine Areas
Sydney, 1900

Volume 1 2 3 4 5

Richard Seymour, Inspector of Nuisances
City of Sydney

3 camels
More camels

Colville's People
poems by Carol Malyon

with links to the artworks referenced in the poems

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The Angel of Faith


" island of hallelujah-joy in the midst of being a little kid..."
Tingle Alley

Given that nothing was going to beat The Lord of the Rings, and that nothing deserved to beat Pride and Prejudice, it's the best result I could imagine. I'm also deeply grateful to the series for helping my books sell in such pleasant quantities. It wouldn't have happened without The Big Read, and I'm very happy about it.

Philip Pullman

Lyra's Oxford

8th Grade Education

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'if' ..
...maybe Saskatoon is already gentle...

"only slightly more conspicious than when he arrived"

Sea of Cortez Expedition and Education Project: "Proyecto de Expedición y Educación del Mar de Cortéz"
From March 26 to May 26, 2004, we retraced a journey that John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts made to the Gulf of California in 1940.

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Mimi Smartypants has the solidest Buddha moment in Chicago's history

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