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"And they say there's no provisions/ there's not enough to go 'round/ But when it comes to the gun there's a bullet for everyone."

Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt


All of us are airborne now

When Angels Play Their Drum Machines

Maverick (Alistair) protects himself from the rain, donning the Civil War uniform he had made using designs from the Internet.
-Poppy Berry
Ulster Cowboys

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Y not gets credit for the boogie board.

in '67 I had a surf shop in Santa Cruz make me a foam and glass 'belly board' with a fin, custom. There were already others around, I'm pretty sure.

Banana Jacks

The Mars Volta

The Coup
Breathing Apparatus
Lean over the bed and let me whisper close
Watch these motherfuckers with the stethoscopes
You know I'm uninsured up in this b-i-otch
My medical plan was to not get shot
I get the..

"One two three!" "Code blue!"
"One two three! "Code blue!"
*bzzzzzzzzzzzzt* "Clear!"
"I've got a pulse.."
See I'm a communist, I'll tell yo' momma the truth
And now they wanna assassinate me like they John Wilkes Booth
But umm, recognize sperm, cause yo' brain is the maternity
Conception through yo' ear, now my game lasts through
eterni-*cough*-ty *cough, cough*

"Breathe again, breathe again..
And I will never breathe again.." -> Toni Braxton (repeat 2X)

Well, I've been looking at the patient's stats
It seems as if he's lost his will to pay


Christmas Eve


painter science

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