these are the timesdirty beloved


Wind rattled the TV antenna on the roof.
Boys with green teeth showed themselves
At our picture window.

The bird remained silent.


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Momus informs us, elegiacally, that Ettore Sottsass has died.
Sottsass in the archives here (scroll down to the end, though you'll miss the affectedly uncapitalized but still readable essay on Boilly's A Game of Billiards)


The people who lived on St Kilda had their own culture. They lived off seabirds and were excellent climbers. An overhanging ledge above a jawdroppingly exposed cliff is known as the 'Lover's Stone.' Any man who wanted to take a wife had to prove his bravery and surefootedness by standing, on one leg, at the very end of this stone, with a 400m drop to the sea, until the elders were satisfied that he had what it would take to provide for a family in such a harsh environment. The ruler of St Kilda was always the oldest woman on the island, and people could be cut off from the outside world for months at a time by fierce winter storms.

From Where I Stand: California's river mouths
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