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"Billions of dollars are spent on advertising in this country. Advertising companies hire the very brightest, wittiest young people to write for them. Not one single sentence of it is worth repeating. Why? Because it wasn't meant. It was all written, not because the writer felt something and then said it (if you feel a thing the more simply you say it the better, the more effectively), but because he tried to impress and inveigle people, convince them something is very fine about which he himself does not really care a button."
Brenda Ueland, If You Want to Write
Garner's Usage Tip of the Day
Oxford University Press


"...a device you carry that, when switched on, tells a satellite exactly where you are every few seconds."
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"A world of laptops and jet planes" as against "A world of cars and cell phones"


[is that all you do]

is that all you do
is put things together I
asked the prophet Ezekiel what
he coughed do you mean
well I said...

Jon Woodward
Verse Daily 26.09.06


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