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Joe Foster plays cornet and percussion, as well as dancing and singing. He has played in Mantonal, the Foster/Jenkins/Eubanks Trio, the Hundred Flowers Ensemble, he has danced with the Boris and Natasha Dancers, and is a participant in Peevish. Kelvin Pittman plays alto saxophone, Eb clarinet, guitar and drums. He is renowned for his work in Control R Workshop, Mesmer and Rocket Science and the Nigger Loving Faggots. Jean-Paul (JP) Jenkins plays electric guitar, electronics and alto clarinet. He has played with Peevish, Mantonal, and the Gringo Stars, and was previously known for his work in the Jaja Quaretette. Matthew Voga plays drums. He needs roots to bear fruits. Bryan Eubanks plays alto saxophone and percussion. He is also known as 1/2 of the duo Beds, and as the de facto leader of Fighting and Breeding. Together they represent more than Unity they represent Super Unity!

An excerpt from a much larger interview

We play freely improvised music, relying on each other and our ears to guide us into fruitful & useful conversation. No plans, no agreements; no structures exist to catch us if we fall. We are both light-hearted and life-serious, because this music is like the air we wish to breath. We are known for relishing unusual performance situations, playing outdoors, in stairwells, on bicycle rikshaws, in inflatable plastic bubbles, public parks, and busy intersections. We also tend to avail ourselves of a variety of performative behaviors, as they occur to us. In our improvisations we are like spheres balancing on spheres, actively conversing with/reacting to each other and telling our own truest stories in our original voices.



extensive archive of American Song, many with midi-file melodies


Summer days, summer nights are gone
Summer days and summer nights are gone
I know a place where there's still somethin' going on

I've got a house on the hill, I got hogs out in the mud
I've got a house on the hill, I got hogs all out in the mud
I've got a long haired woman, she got royal Indian blood
I'm going to spare the defeated, I'm going to speak to the crowd
I'm going to spare the defeated, 'cause I'm going to speak to the crowd
I'm going to teach peace to the conquered, I'm going to tame the proud

Well, the leaves are rustling in the wood, things are falling off of the shelf
Leaves are rustling in the wood, things are falling off the shelf
You're gonna need my help sweetheart, you can't make love all by yourself.
Well the old men 'round here
sometimes they get on bad terms
with the younger men,
old, young, age don't carry weight
it doesn't matter in the end

One of the boss' hangers-on
Sometimes comes to call
At times you least expect
Tryin' to bully you, strongarm you,
inspire you with fear
It has the opposite effect
If you ever try to interfere with me
or cross my path again,
you do so at the peril of your life
I'm not quite as cool, or forgiving as I sound
I've seen enough heartache and strife
Your charms have broken many a heart and mine is surely one
You got a way of tearin' the world apart, love, see what you've done
Just as sure as we're livin', just as sure as you're born
Look up, look up, seek your maker, for ('fore?) Gabriel blows his horn

Sugar baby, get on down the line, you ain't got no sense nohow
You went years without me, might as well keep goin' now

Andrzej Jackowski
His pictures belong recognisably to a generation which has felt the impact of Balthus and Francis Bacon, but though he says he has been mentioned in various art bboks as belonging to this or that trend, 'I don't feel close to Chia and people like that, who are really much more out of conceptualism. I do feel something in common with Christopher Le Brun or even Ken Kiff, though he's more surreal than I am. I respect a man like Paladino, but he's more mythic and - how can I put it - Jungian, dealing in a kind of tribal images mostly, while I'm more personal. I always try to find my own set of images. and to put them together in my own style. Ken Kiff says that fantasy and imagination are a way of talking about the real. It's a way of cooking the world and putting it into images.'



Mary of Burgundy's Book of Hours

food memory

Alan Hunt nails that one

Cat and Girl's home page thing

I feel something Bob-like, what is that? Where? or maybe when? would be the better question. A long time since or after and the wind that picks up days and carries them dust-like on, mixing up the steady scatterings of hours and years, like the upthrust mountains worn from rain and yes, that wind, again.

Hephzibah Rendle-Short through Quinnel, Justin. and Progression UK

"A Day In The Life of My Mouth"
{great premise, great execution, scary homework from a distant world}

straw into gold? that chair.

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