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Jenifer Gonzalez, Carnaval, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Juan Medina/Reuters/Yahoo

Nashiwari (Before)
Hiroshi Watanabe
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Josef Koudelka (en francais)
link Grands Maestros de Fotografia
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El Halo


Mollis Minutum (Mouse), 2000
computer mouse, cable, resin, steel
Lucy Puls
Stephen Wirtz Gallery
also Kathryn Spence and more


Caia Koopman:

Dorothy Stang

Caia Koopman at La Luz de Jesus Gallery
Dorothy Stang at Wikipedia
also valiant and caring Gretchen Ryan at La Luz de Jesus Link fixed

Sévices Compris:

"Tous les samedis soir, Marie-Margaux prenait, sans raison particulière, une bonne volée. C’était une coutume conjugale à laquelle son mari n’aurait dérogé pour rien au monde : Alain était en effet de ces hommes qui croient dur comme fer que les petites habitudes cimentent le couple, et il tenait à ce que le sien fût aussi solide que possible."
Emmanuelle Urien - Actualité
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"...yet as the homage could not be dispensed with, he ordered one of his warriors to perform it for him. The latter, as proud as his chief, instead of stooping to the royal foot, raised it so high, that the King fell to the ground."


Belief and Nonbelief in Modern American Culture:
Evil: The Artist's Response
Joyce Carol Oates, poet, playwright, essayist
Kathleen Norris, writer, poet, essayist
Nathan Englander, short-story writer
text here
Medicine and Mystery

Boston College Magazine

W. Eugene Smith Fund:

W. Eugene Smith's photographs reflect his boyhood in the American heartland and his coming of age in the agony of World War II. His work, imbued with moral fervor, evinces a clear difference between good and evil, the individual's ability to transcend his or her circumstances, the inherent goodness (even heroism) in people, the capacity and willingness of one person to help others (such as the healers in country doctor, nurse-midwife and Albert Schweitzer). In the photo essays which he did after World War II, he demonstrated a belief in the human spirit and the ability of humanity to rise above the immense destruction it had sown. Like the country which he came from and the magazine, LIFE, which hired him, Smith's work was refreshingly direct, sometimes sentimental and often optimistic.
Link path from this photograph, part of a photo-essay on Minamata disease that Smith made in the early 70's.
Smith at International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum
Smith at

Used One Speed, Princeton

...those middle-aged emotions.
I am still young, I feel I am. If I wanted I could
ride no-hands, my bike so steady, arms out
like that guy in Goya's Third of May...
Daisy Fried
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