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Anna Elizabeth Dickinson
As a result of her extraordinary efforts she was nicknamed the "Joan of Arc" of the Union cause and honored with having been the only woman up to that time to be invited to speak before Congress where President and Mrs. Lincoln were in attendance.
After the Civil War she fought for voting rights, but unlike Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony who devoted their energies in support of women’s rights, Anna sided with suffrage for African American men. At the height of her lecturing career she made as much as $20,000 a year, more than Mark Twain was getting at the time.
After she was ridiculed for her appearance as Hamlet, Dickinson retired from the stage.
In 1888, at the invitation of the Republican National Committee she returned to the platform, but her rhetorical gifts had diminished and she proved an embarrassment. Rumors of mental illness followed and as her behavior grew more erratic her sister pushed to have her committed to an insane asylum in Danville, PA.
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