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Weenie Juke Radio is Off The Air

July 15th, 2007 - Thanks to Sound Exchange, the RIAA and the Copyright Royalty Board of the Library of Congress, the Weenie Juke has been forced to shut down.

Were we to stay on the air, we could be forced to pay unfair performance royalty rates that equal approximately 100% of our total revenue, and which would equal more than twice that as rates increased each year until 2010. We are not against paying royalties and fully believe in supporting artists who make music, even though most of the artists we play have long been dead and gone. We also believe in paying for music and have encouraged listeners to purchase CDs from the labels that put out the country blues music we love.

We are, however, against extortionate rates determined by those who care nothing about music and musicians -- only about cash. Not cash in the hands of artists, but in the pockets of executives, corporate lawyers and shareholders...
Cordially yours,
Weenie Campbell
via Big Road Blues
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