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Méconnue par une France dont elle porte la langue bien au-delà de l'Hexagone, Assia Djebar, née à Cherchell, Algérie, en 1936, y entre aujourd'hui par la grande porte, premier écrivain du Maghreb sous la Coupole.

Assia Djebar was admitted to the Acadamie Francaise on Thursday, June 22, the first North African woman to be so honored.
I just finished Children of The New World.
I started it reluctantly, thinking it would be polemical and flat, but it's a wonderful book, the narrative voice of it strong and even, the love profoundly in evidence not narcissistic at all. The sustained tone was remarkable. Marjolijn de Jager's translation must have a lot to do with that.
It would make a great movie.

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