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What about the audience? God is by nature a challenging subject. Can a TV show be successful if it challenges the status quo?

That begs a huge question, first of all that there is a status quo on religion. I reject the notion that there is a single perspective on God. Will I offend anybody? Well, there are people who spend their lives waiting to be offended, so of course they will be offended. I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about being honest about how I see these things and posing the questions. The thing that may offend the most people is my saying that God is available to everyone all the time.
Barbara Hall
Beliefnet Interview
Barbara Hall is the creator of Joan of Arcadia, which was cancelled, or not renewed or whatever. The last couple of episodes introduced a character that was pretty intriguing. Satanic-analog, handsome, and he owned the local media. So I was looking forward to seeing what the writers did with that. But it was cancelled. Or not renewed or whatever. I figured it out by tuning in at 8 when it was supposed to be on and not finding it, and googling a fansite. So the episode I saw two weeks ago was the last one.
So then there was Third Watch, at 9. The best cop show since Hill Street Blues. It was on.
Somebody blew up the precinct house. Tia Tejada's character blew herself to smithereens. After the fire was out everybody got assigned to other precincts, or retired. It was the last episode. I didn't see it announced or anything beforehand, the narrative just closed out while I was watching.
Those were the only two non-rerun TV shows I made it a point to watch.
So there's that.

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