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Pablo Picasso

First Communion

from a search for Orozco's mural
Man of Fire

Orozco's American Civilization
at El Poder de la Palabra

Joseph Albers Homage To The Square ibid.

Orozco at Mexico Info. a Universidad de Guadalajara

Orozco La Casa Blanca at Panoramas in the Virtual Museum of Canada

Orozco The Table of Universal Brotherhood
at Tigertail

Orozco Negroes at SILS U. Mich.
SILS browser

Orozco Head
at Arthur Ross Gallery at UPenn

Orozco Modern Human Sacrifice
mural painted at Dartmouth College

Orozco Zapata
at Art Institute of Chicago's Art Access
"Orozco painted this dramatic canvas during his self-imposed exile in the United States, where he moved to escape riots inspired by anti-Catholic murals he had created in Mexico City. Orozco later claimed that he painted Zapata, which was sold to the actor Vincent Price, to finance his trip back to New York after completing a mural commission in California."

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